Abundance · Creativity · Intense relationship · Satisfaction · Success

Main: The Ace of Cups signifies the beginning of a period of strong emotional health for you. Expect copious joy, happiness, and love to surround you during this time. Existing personal relationships may strengthen, meaningful new ones are likely to form. If marriage is in your future, you are likely to lay the foundations for it during this time.

Past: There have been numerous occasions that prove your creative talent and ability to succeed in your efforts. By being passionate and intensely focused, you have allowed for greater productivity.

Present: Good news is going to bring joy and extreme satisfaction to your life.

Future: The difficulties you face in the future will take a toll on your emotions, but in the end, will bring about abundant joy. Remembering this natural balance will bring you great rewards.

Yes / No: The Ace of Cups represents overall satisfaction throughout all different areas of your life. It predicts success and abundance through use of good intuition and creativity. New relationships or possibly a birth or pregnancy could be associated with these positive outlooks. The answer is yes.

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Ace of Cups

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