End · Failure · Mortality · New hope · Ruin

Main: The X of Swords is a cause for fear in any who believe in the power of the cards, and you should prepare yourself for whatever it portends. It is one of many cards which can represent disaster, but, alone among them, it is a disaster which cannot be avoided. It foretells not only a complete failure but an unavoidable one. What is more, the failure will not be small or easily overcome. This is not a fortune to be changed or avoided, only endured: If you stay strong, new dreams can be built from the ashes.

Past: By coming to terms with a sometimes bitter reality, you are learning that moving forward is the most important aspect of healing.

Present: The end of something important is about to occur, so be prepared to deal with the consequences. Nothing in life is permanent.

Future: Assess the direction you are headed. Beware following the opinions of other's, as this may lead you aware from your own truth. Seeing the world through pragmatic eyes will balance your optimism.

Yes / No: The Ten of Swords shows a sudden ending or a negative outcome in some endeavour in your life. It could mean failure, ruin, or mortality accompanied by depression and feelings of being broken and crushed by the weight of the world. Harsh and negative, this card says no.

Astro Gemini | Key dates: June 11 to June 20

Ten of Swords

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