Authority figure · Financial gain · Honest and trustworthy · Mediation · Professional

Main: The King of Wands may signify an upcoming financial windfall for you. It can also represent an association with a masculine authority figure, a leader and arbitrator. You may find yourself aided in solving a dispute. Be open to the advice of those with more experience than yourself.

Past: The new ideas that you incorporated in the past are going to open up opportunities in the present. The ideas have given you momentum that inspires and encourages others.

Present: You will succeed if you gain help promoting your ideas. There will be increasing inspiration to help others around you.

Future: The future will bring you success in your professional life. Good investments and prudent spending will outweigh the risks you take and the strong conviction you have shown will grant many opportunities.

Yes / No: The King of Wands is a voracious, determined, and confident authority figure. He represents some sort of expansion, establishment of something in your professional life, or financial gain along with success. He is a positive presence, likely to bring along positive outcomes. The answer is yes.

Astro Cancer & Leo | Key dates: July 12 to August 11

King of Wands

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