Certainty · Possessive · Reliable · Security · Tenacity

Main: Perhaps through a gift or inheritance, or possibly through your own business acumen, you are on a path leading towards financial and material security. This will likely be a pleasant chapter of your life, wherein your emotional and spiritual needs are satisfied.

Past: Your ability for hard work and your dedication will bring you material success. A recent trade, proposition, or commercial venture is adding a deeper significance to your life.

Present: You will receive financial rewards for the effort you have shown. You will triumph, but this victory will be hollow if seen only as monetary gain.

Future: To maintain your financial security, avoid excess and stick to your strengths of reliability and resourcefulness. You can achieve leadership, power, and wealth, but only through great effort and sacrifice.

Yes / No: The Four of Pentacles stands for security, stability, and the presence of elemental balance in your life. It suggests being smart and frugal with what you have and remaining on a strict budget but with the security of only positive outcomes. Moving forward will likely require tenacity. Your answer is yes.

Astro Capricorn | Key dates: January 10 to January 19

Four of Pentacles

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