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For db constraints, form has been limited to 39 cards.
Users with spreads > 39 cards, you may asign a ref. for each half of your spread.

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Show Wheel of Fortune Ten of Pentacles Three of Cups The Fool Seven of Cups Page of Pentacles
Show The Star King of Wands The Moon King of Cups Ace of Cups Three of Cups Nine of Pentacles Knight of Wands
Show The Lovers King of Pentacles Five of Wands Four of Wands Six of Cups Page of Wands
Show Ace of Swords Strength Eight of Wands Six of Cups The Magician Queen of Pentacles Ace of Pentacles Nine of Pentacles Six of Swords
Show Page of Swords Ten of Pentacles Five of Swords Page of Pentacles
Show Ace of Pentacles The Moon The Empress The Star Four of Swords Eight of Wands
Show Wheel of Fortune Four of Cups Death Six of Swords Four of Swords Temperance Judgement Ten of Cups
Show Knight of Pentacles Three of Wands
Show Strength Ace of Pentacles Judgement Ace of Cups Knight of Wands Page of Wands Temperance
Show Nine of Pentacles King of Pentacles Eight of Swords Ace of Wands The Hierophant The Star Six of Pentacles
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